Security Council behind MP’s control

Impartiality in the different high-profile processes in Panama cast doubt once more over the credibility of the application of justice in the Public Ministry (MP).

Legal Defense of R. Martinelli requested dismissing extradition

The defense of former President Ricardo Martinelli yesterday filed an urgent motion with the Federal Court in Miami, asking the judge in charge of the case to dismiss the extradition request that the Panamanian Government submitted, since it does not include a formal arrest warrant.

Panamanians are protesting against institutional chaos

Yesterday was a day of protests nationwide, motivated by Decree 130 and the dissatisfaction of communities around the lack of response from the authorities to their basic needs.

Rice would have been lost in the IMA barns

After the first massive imports of rice from Guyana during the early days of the Government of Juan Carlos Varela, the Comptroller General of the Republic ran an audit that ended with the dismissal of the director of the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA) at that time, Edwin Cárdenas.

Terrorists were planning attacks at strategic points in Panama

The writ of habeas corpus filed in favor of the Martinelli Linares brothers is aimed at stopping the illegalities executed by the Public Ministry, which is acting outside of the code of criminal procedure.

Varela, the face of the family business elsewhere

During some of his travels, President Juan Carlos Varela has been depicted as a liquor promoter that takes the label of his business beyond national borders, despite his role as President.

MP and CSJ show level of credibility

By means of a strong call, different sectors of civil society and entrepreneurs demand for all the processes in the case that is being conducted on the bribes of Odebrecht to be clarified, which demonstrates that the judicial system is being handled by the current Government of President Juan Carlos Varela.

Government accepts massive purchase of rice from Guyana

The Government of Juan Carlos Varela yesterday reacted to the massive purchase of rice from Guyana through a 'hidden' agreement between our countries which has made the Panamanian producers go bankrupt.

The State to be sued for confiscation of helicopter in Mexico

The illegal transfer of the Eurocopter helicopter from Mexico to Panama, registered N1626L, was a strong argument for lawyer Sídney Sittón to present a complaint yesterday at the Embassy of the United States (U.S.) against the Panamanian State on behalf of the US corporation Aircraft Trust & Financing.

Varela harms local rice growers by signing agreement

While Panamanian rice producers declared themselves in bankruptcy, the Government of Panama, led by Juan Carlos Varela, decided to save the production of this grain in Guyana.

Possible linkages of President Varela with bribes by Odebrecht

The possible link of the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, and relatives with Odebrecht case is increasingly becoming more evident.

Others know the truth that Noriega did not want to reveal

Apart from the lack of justice, those who lost family members in the military dictatorship (1968-1989) feel impotence for not knowing the truth about the events that occurred during those years.

There are contradictions about the objective of the immigration measures

Contradictions about the aim of the new migratory measures, applied in the country starting yesterday, arise by the authorities of the national Government.

Public Ministry conceals Varela´s links with Odebrecht

After the Attorney General of the nation, Kenya Isolda Porcell, avoided talking about possible links between President Juan Carlos Varela in the case of bribes by Odebrecht, some communication means from other countries which have had access to the documentation provided by the public prosecutor in Brazil have revealed the alleged links of the Panamanian President.